Immigrants want the same things as any Oregonian, to work hard, support their families, contribute to their communities, and have a fair shot at building a better life.

While our state has long relied on the contributions of immigrant Oregonians to our local and state economies, state policies and programs have systematically excluded people based on their immigration status.

Oregon Worker Relief was founded by immigrant justice groups across the state to build a safety net for immigrant Oregonians when emergencies arise. Did you know that one in eight workers in Oregon is an immigrant and one in 15 children in Oregon live with a family member who is undocumented?

Read the Oregon Worker Relief 2023 Impact Report.

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Oregon Worker Relief has been a lifeline for immigrant Oregonians through programs including the Climate Change Fund, the Home Fund, Universal Representation, and more. Our community-led approach has helped over 93,000 immigrant Oregonians through emergency relief for farmworkers who face dangerous working conditions from extreme heat and wildfire smoke, rent assistance to keep families housed, and no-cost immigration legal services.

Without action, the wealth gap in Oregon will continue to deepen along racial and ethnic lines. Through our community-centered model of identifying and addressing needs, Oregon Worker Relief is well positioned to continue providing critical support for immigrant Oregonians.

Oregon Worker Relief Impact Reports

Oregon Worker Relief Data Snapshots