What is the Health Care Interpreters Fund?

Health care interpreters work every day to help people in their communities get the care they need. Oregon Worker Relief is proud to support the vital work of health care interpreters with the Health Care Interpreters Fund in partnership with Pueblo Unido, Adelante Mujeres, and Oregon Interpreters in Action, an AFSCME local.

In 2023, Oregon Interpreters in Action won funding to provide COVID-relief payments to hundreds of health care interpreters who worked during the pandemic. While other health care providers received substantial payments and benefits, health care interpreters did not receive additional support. Many credentialed health care interpreters struggle to make ends meet while providing an essential service to our communities.

We are excited to announce that $500,000 has been distributed through the Health Care Interpreters Fund to hundreds of health care interpreters who worked during the pandemic. The Health Care Interpreters Fund stopped accepting applications on September 30, 2023. If you have qualified for the fund, a navigator from our partners at AFSCME, Pueblo Unido, or Adelante Mujeres has contacted you by phone.

Oregon Worker Relief was created by immigrant justice organizations to combat immigrant exclusion in our state. We know that access to health care is an important part of thriving communities. We are grateful to health care interpreters for their work to remove barriers to care in Oregon.


Call Oregon Worker Relief at 1-888-274-7292 or reach us by email.