Thousands of immigrant Oregonians are facing extreme economic hardship after being intentionally excluded from critical programs.

Over 100 Oregon community partners have come together to form the Oregon Worker Relief Fund (OWRF) to help immigrant Oregonians make ends meet during this crisis.

The Oregon Worker Relief Fund provides financial support directly to Oregonians who have lost their jobs yet are ineligible for Unemployment Insurance and federal stimulus relief due to their immigration status, and now face hunger, homelessness, and economic hardship.

By investing in Oregon workers left out of the federal stimulus and safety-net programs, we can prevent tens of thousands of Oregon families from going into economic ruin and reduce the disproportionate impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on Oregon immigrants, refugees, and communities of color.

“Hunger is a symptom of unequal access to healthy food and barriers to employment, education, housing and health care. What this crisis has taught us is that with adequate public investment we can dramatically reduce hunger in Oregon as long as all families are included. That’s why the Oregon Worker Relief Fund is critical.”

— Susannah Morgan, CEO of Oregon Food Bank