Oregon Worker Relief helps immigrant Oregonians in need make ends meet. Learn more about our programs.

Oregon Worker Relief provides direct support to immigrant Oregonians who are facing:

  • Lost work and wages due to COVID-19
  • Extreme heat, smoke and other climate disasters
  • Complex immigration system
  • Eviction and the housing crisis

Designed and implemented by the community and for the community, Oregon Worker Relief meets urgent needs statewide while strengthening community resilience for the future. Oregon Worker Relief shows that community-led solutions work, and that when the community leads we set off a cascade of positive outcomes leading to stronger, healthier communities.

Immigrant Oregonians experience economic hardship because they are intentionally excluded from public programs such as COVID relief programs and unemployment insurance.


How to Apply

Contact us at info@workerrelief.org

“Thanks to the OWR funds I was able to pay my late bills and support my home and family. These funds had a great impact in my life, thank you.

— OWR recipient, Ramona

“Gracias a estos fondos yo pude pagar mis recibos del hogar y apoyar a mi familia. Estos fondos tuvieron un gran impacto en mi vida, gracias.

— OWR beneficiario, Ramona